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A root canal treatment is a dental procedure performed to save a tooth that has a severely infected or damaged pulp, the innermost part of the tooth. During the procedure, the dentist removes the infected pulp, cleans the inside of the tooth, and then fills and seals the space. This prevents further infection and helps maintain the tooth's functionality. Root canal treatments are often necessary to relieve pain, save a tooth from extraction, and restore oral health. 


A dental implant is a sophisticated solution for replacing missing teeth. It involves a small titanium post being surgically placed into the jawbone to serve as an artificial tooth root. This post fuses with the bone over time, providing a stable foundation for attaching a lifelike prosthetic tooth on top. Dental implants offer a natural look, feel, and function, restoring both aesthetics and oral functionality for individuals with missing teeth. 


Pediatric dentistry focuses on specialized dental care for children. It involves nurturing positive oral habits from a young age and addressing the unique needs of growing smiles. Pediatric dentists help children develop good oral hygiene practices and prevent dental issues. From regular check-ups to addressing specific concerns like cavities or alignment, pediatric dentistry aims to ensure kids' oral health and set them on a path to lifelong dental wellness. 


Restorative dentistry involves repairing damaged or decayed teeth using techniques like fillings, crowns, and bridges. It aims to bring back the natural look and function of teeth while ensuring proper bite and alignment.

Prosthodontics, on the other hand, focuses on the design and placement of dental prosthetics, including dentures, dental implants, and veneers. These prosthetics replace missing teeth or improve the appearance of damaged teeth, enhancing both aesthetics and function.

Both restorative dentistry and prosthetics play a crucial role in helping individuals regain their confident smiles and oral well-being.


Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that focuses on correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. This is commonly achieved through the use of braces or other orthodontic appliances. Braces are devices made of brackets, wires, and bands that gently apply pressure to the teeth, gradually moving them into proper alignment.

Orthodontic treatment not only improves the appearance of the smile but also enhances overall oral health by creating a well-aligned bite. It can address issues such as overcrowding, gaps, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Orthodontic treatment aims to achieve a harmonious and functional smile, contributing to both confidence and oral well-being.


A smile makeover, dental professionals can address concerns like stained teeth, chipped or uneven surfaces, gaps, and other aesthetic imperfections. The ultimate goal is to create a harmonious, confident, and radiant smile that complements the individual's facial features. Smile makeovers can significantly boost self-esteem and contribute to a positive overall self image. 

At our dental clinic DELHIDENT Multispeciality Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, BURARI: Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive and top-quality oral care to our patients. We are dedicated to promoting oral health, preventing dental issues, and restoring smiles through a range of advanced treatments. Our experienced team of professionals is committed to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, ensuring that each patient receives personalized attention and tailored treatment plans. Whether it's routine check-ups, restorative procedures, or cosmetic enhancements, our goal is to help every individual achieve a healthy and confident smile that lasts a lifetime.